Virus 28

For nearly 300 years the world has seen a relative peace. Nuclear weapons have nearly all been decommissioned; chemical weapons are a thing of the distant past. Our natural resources are long depleted but humanity lives on. Though many have died from starvation, dehydration, and famine, the human race has endured. New technology provides us with limited but needed energy and all but the most radical countries have unified under one flag. History however has taught us that no matter how much good there is in the world, there will always be an evil that needs to be defeated and the new world is no different. Every day brings a new challenge and each year we slip closer and closer to living in a world of war, although this time it is not man against man but man against the most ruthless evil. In 2800, a virus unlike anything the world has ever seen swept across the world killing nearly seventy percent of the population. Swedish scientists unveiled what we were to believe was a cure. Not only was it not a cure it was a disaster. Vaccine 28 was designed to combat an epidemic of unbelievable proportions by building a thick barrier around the blood cells. The idea was that if no disease could penetrate the body, the disease would slowly fade away and eventually disappear from the world. At first the vaccine appeared to work. Those infected with the disease did not die or turn like those before them, however, it was soon discovered that the vaccine caused the cells and body to mutate. The thick barrier that the vaccine created did little more than trap the virus allowing it to take over the host’s body after their death. Over the next three years, the disease continued to spread across the world from Russia to the Netherlands, from Aruba to the West Indies. No place remained untouched by this unrelenting plague. It was not long before the world’s major armies fell to the walking dead. Major cities all over the world were over run and no longer safe to those who were still alive. One of the few places that remained secure is where our story begins, the Lewis Arboretum, An old Girl Scout camp outside St. Clairsvile Ohio. It is here that we make our final stand. It is here that the toughest survivors of our world will congregate and fight for survival. The goal is simple, but getting there is far from it. Word has been received that a military helicopter will be landing in the camp to ferry survivors to Fort Benning Georgia, the only remaining military base in the USA, sometime in the next 28 hours. It is the goal and duty of the refugees to hold the camp until that time and assure that as many people as possible are able to make it to the ferry alive.

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