Vandlaran Beastiary


Bestiary of Vandlar


Vandlar is an ancient land filled with powerful magic, strange creatures and unique beasts.  Many adventurers tell tales of creatures in realms beyond the mist some of whom, much like the common Races, are found within Vandlar as well.  Yet there exist many creatures unheard of beyond our shores and many unwary travelers have met their doom by underestimating foes they thought they recognized from other lands.

Adventurers beware.

Creatures of the Wilds

The Goblins of Vandlar

The Eldergrown  

Creatures of Civilization

Zarden the Researcher

The Learakhan (Grey Shades)


Creatures of the Planes

The Life Overlord

The Fey

The Te'Guin'She 


Creatures of the Magic

The Grokbar


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