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The Library of Vandlar is a completely In Game resource of materials.  These documents, as well as others, represent works which appear in many of the finest libraries and research labs in Vandlar.  Students learn from these work, scholars debate their words and bards practice relating the mythologies and histories in exciting and dramatic ways for the entertainment of the common folk.  New books are made available all the time- feel free to peruse our shelves.


Politics, Heraldry and Maps


Heraldry of VandlarStar Charts

Barbarian TreatyLeara Treaty


Legends, Stories and Myth


Legend of the GreenwardenWhite Winter

Lich of the ScarBlood Pool


Culture, Society and Life


Coordinated FightingShields


Magic, Research and Scholarship


Magical ResearchPractical Healing

Winter SkysSpring

SymbolsProximity of the Planes












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