Laws of Vandlar

Common Law of the Kingdom of Vandlar

All Duchies, Baronies, and towns within the Kingdom are required to follow these laws without question. Local Nobility may impose additional laws on the lands under their control. Laws involving trade, taxation and economic issues are not included here. (Please refer to the Legal section of the Library of Vandlar for treatises on Trade, Taxation and other relevant topics).

Anyone accused of a crime will be given the chance to prove their innocence in front of the presiding Noble(s). It will be the sole responsibility of the accused to provide any information required to clear their name. 

Any Noble found to have broken any of these laws will find no mercy. The penalty for Murder and Necromancy will never be less then death. All other penalties will be decided by the presiding Noble.

Accomplice - One who willfully operates, aids, or assists in a crime.

Assault - The unprovoked attack on another in any manner (outside of honor combat) including weapons, spells, alchemy, or traps. If the assault causes death (even if they receive a life spell) the charge will be murder. If the assult is on a Noble, the charge is treason.

Bribery - The offering, giving or receiving of something of value for the purpose of affecting the outcome of decisions, or actions involving public or legal duties.

Chaosmancy - The use of any magic, item, or potion which calls upon the powers of chaos, or has been created through Necromancy. The possession of any item considered Necromantic in nature is also illegal.

Conspiracy - The planning between two or more people to commit a crime. If the crime being planned is against a Noble the charge is treason.

Counterfeiting/Forgery - The production or replication of any item of value including but not limited to money, formal scrolls, components, and magic items with the intent of falsely misrepresenting them as being real. This law also covers the signing or alteration of anyone’s signature other then your own with the intent to defraud or misrepresent any document or writ.

Creating an Illegal Circle of Power - Any Circle of Power lasting longer then one hour may only be placed if written permission from a Noble of the town is given. Any Circles placed without permission will be destroyed at the owners expense and a monetary fine will be imposed.

Impersonating a Noble - Falsely presenting ones self as a noble or acting as if a Noble has given you permission to act in their name when they have not.

Kidnapping - The unlawful taking and holding of anyone against their will.

Mind Control Elixirs, Items, or Magic - The use of mind control effects within any part of Vandlar for any reason is illegal. This includes Enslavement, and Amnesia. The Kingdom has recently authorized the use or Obey in life threatening situations. 

Mockery of a Noble - The defamation of a Nobles character through insults, lies, or mockery.

Murder - The unprovoked taking of another’s life outside of honor combat (even if the victim receives a Life spell).

Necromancy - The aiding or creating of undead or the use of any magic, item, or potion which calls upon the powers of chaos, or has been created through Necromancy. The possession of any item considered Necromantic in nature is also illegal. The defining difference between Necromancy and Chaosmancy is the creating, aiding, and empowering of undead abominations.

Perjury - To lie or make false or misleading statements to anyone charged with the investigation a crime or to a magistrate presiding over a trial.

Poaching - To trespass on another's property in order to take fish or game. To take fish or game in a forbidden area. To kill any animal protected by the kingdom or its inhabiting towns.

Slander/Libel - Issuing or presenting a prejudicial or false statement, verbal or written about any citizen or visitor of the kingdom.

Slavery - The buying or selling or ownership of any sentient being. The use of enslavement elixirs is also slavery.

Smuggling - The transportation of any illegal goods in or out of the borders of the kingdom.

Tax Evasion - The failure to pay taxes implemented by the kingdom, duchy, barony, or towns within the Kingdom.

Theft - The taking of ones property without permission.

Treason - The involvement in any form of criminal action against a Noble, disobeying a direct Noble order, or any action attempting to incite rebellion are all forms of treason. This law also covers the involvement in any type of action against the Kingdom itself such as aiding a sworn enemy of the Kingdom.

Trespassing - To enter unlawfully upon the land of another.

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