Timekeeping in Vandlar

Timekeeping in Vandlar

 Timekeeping within Vandlar has only in recent years become a standardized practice. Each culture and Kingdom created their own methods for tracking the months and years and many of these methods, while similar, were not completely in sync.  Many cultures, such as the E'reiledar, Ogres and many Wylderkin tribes had no real time-keeping method at all (borrowing, if necessary, from other local races).  

In modern times, with the establishment of the Kingdom of Vandlar, the Elven Calender was adopted though it was given Common names.  To the Elves these Common names are used interchangeably with the names of their own months though for the purposes of past records the ancient elven names are preferred.

Most of the Tribal Races of Vandlar evolved over the centuries a method of timekeeping based on the movements of the Moon.  Scholars and sages were surprised to find that the Barbarians, Orc Tribes, and other wandering people (including some Wylderkin and the Trianara Elves) shared a 13-"month" calender based on the movements of the Moon through the stars.  Even the Harroo in their great civilization on Kaerkaran have maintained this calender passed on, they say, from their most distant ancestors and part of their heritage.  

The Imara of Vandlar use neither of these systems possessing instead an 8-month calender based upon the major constellations of the night sky.  

The two major timekeeping systems- the Lunar Calender and the Common Time (Months) do not sync completely.  The Common Time has 12 months while the Lunar Calender has 13 moons.  This often requires calculation as the major Kingdoms which inhabit (or had inhabited Vandlar) tracked the passage of years differently. 

Common Time    Elven Name                 Moon       Description

January                 Onenianen                    1st          Moon of White Wind
February               Quitonen                      2nd          Moon of Grey Light
March                   Freineanan                    3rd          Moon of Green Stars
April                     Breandanan                   4th          Moon of New Life
May                     Greneanan                     5th          Moon of Rains
June                    Deahanan                      6th          Moon of Young Blood
July                     Trinianan                        7th         Moon of Dry Winds
August                 Paradadan                     8th         Moon of Fire Sky
September           Illikanean                       9th         Moon of Harvest
October               Pordanan                      10th        Moon of Dark Ice
November            Heshianen                     11th        Moon of Forest Rest
December            Beneanan                     12th        Moon of Snow
                                                             13th        Moon of Winter Sleep

Years in Record

 The Kingdom of Vandlar's standard is used in all official communications and has been adopted by almost all civilizations. (the current real-world year - 1400 years)

Among the Imara the current real-world year + 401 years)

The Dark Elves calculate their time differently as established by the Empress and so, among the Vith'Zalia, (recorded under the rule of their Empresses).  Each Emperor or Empress begins the cycle again at year 1 and so all official Vith'Zalian documents record the name of the current Monarch as well.  (the current real-world year - 1856 years) 

The Elves of Vandlar, in general, record time in both the Kingdom of Vandlar years but also in their own years which they claim have gone unchanged since the creation of their first kingdom.  To the Khinara and Vhinar elves the current year is 125,255.  The Trianara, Hurnar and Patakan rejected this system when they left these Kingdoms and adopted the Moon calender (and, when needed, use the Common calender).  (the current real-world year + 123,240 years)